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I can preview a page at any time, whether I'm currently editing it or only opening e.g. in AdminCentral. The preview shows the page precisely as being eventually rendered after publication and is fully functional.

It also provides me with an overview of the current page status and common actions to e.g. activate and deactivate the page. If I'm an editor, I can change to page editing from the preview as well.

Best of all, the page preview offers me to shrink all interface elements into a toolbar like format - great for presentations and final reviews.

Description of desired behavior

The page preview uses the same interface elements and layout used by Visual Page Editing as described in the conceptual overview. The Actions Sidebar is used to show actions and the page status by default. However, the visual appearance of the sidebar shall be visually less dominant compared to its appearance in page editing, where it also references the colors of the edit bars. In the page preview layer, colors used to mark editable elements must not be used for main interface elements.

By default, the Actions Rack used by the sidebar contains two units. The List of Actions unit mainly shows page-level actions not related to editing. Good candidates for such actions are the activation and deactivation of a page for users with publishing rights. The Status unit mainly displays the current publications status of the page.

Notifications of system messages look and work the same as in Visual Page Editing.

Collapsing the Actions Sidebar

As in page editing, the sidebar can the collapsed to only use minimal screen estate. The collapsed sidebar still features all three main parts of the sidebar, but only shows the (common) actions. See the description in page editing for a more thorough discussion of the appearance of all elements.

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