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The new interface design for Magnolia 5.0 must:

  • build on existing, working concepts
  • support multiple input methods (mouse, keyboard, touch)
  • make Magnolia accessible by removing the most common obstacles and confusing usage patterns
  • provide an extensible, flexible UI framework capable of handling the interface needs of numerous modules and functions
  • stay true to the simplicity and clarity Magnolia has become famous for
  • extend the reach of Magnolia by supporting RTL languages

From the perspective of usability, the main user group we're designing for are editors:

  • they use the tool most once a site has gone live
  • they fill in content and thus touch most aspects of the user interface
  • they should work error free and often have to be fast when adding or editing content

Editors may be responsible for web pages, but also for documents, assets, structured data and translations. That being said, Magnolia 5.0 will contains significant improvements and new interface features for developers and reviewers as well.

For editors, my main goals are:

  • keep things simple, so they remain easily recognizable
  • allow editors to work faster and focused more on content
  • support editors with easy to use, easy to understand versioning of content
  • support more languages and locales in Magnolia's interface
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