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This page contains the definition of all terms used throughout the descriptions.




An element representing content. As such it may be edited and has a type. The type dictates, how the item is both represented as well as edited.
Examples are a page, folder or document.

folder item

A folder item is a regular item, which - in addition to providing the tasks defined by its type - contains other items.


A sequential collection of items and folder items. Trees are usually represented hierarchically, but can also be simple list-like flat structures, if they contain no folder items.


A sequential collection of items and folder items that doesn't display any possible hierarchy between the items. Also called flat or one-dimensional list, since it does not extend horizontally and vertically than a standard list does. From a usability perspective, flat lists are used similarily to trees.


A collection of items and folder items extending both vertically and horizontally. Grids are usually represented non-hierachically on a plane, with either icons or even thumbnail previews representing the items. If they contain folder items, these have to be opened explicitly in order to show additional levels of items.

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