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Has to be revisited

Only sketches and storyboards exist, not specified yet


I can lock a rendition to avoid that it is being edited. Editors can still use it freely on pages everywhere, but if someone attempts to edit a locked rendition, he or she will actually implicitly create an unlocked duplicate of that rendition and edit that rendition instead.

As a brand manager, I can go even further and lock an asset itself. Editors may then choose from the available renditions, but they may no longer create new ones.

I can mark an asset as deprecated. This also marks all its renditions as deprecated. All deprecated renditions remain accessible and I can even change and adapt them. However, I can't create any new renditions of a deprecated asset and I can't use any deprecated renditions on any other page than those already using them.

This is great as I can easily control our company brand by uploading assets, readying some renditions and finally locking all of them. Editors then have a set of (locked) renditions to work with on the site, but they can't do terrible things outside of our CI manual. If they need new renditions, they can contact my department and ask for them, but they may not go out and crop the whitespace around our logo in order to fit it into some narrow space on a page. I also frequently check all renditions used and deprecate those that are not inhering to our CI guidelines. Like this, they can't be used any more and are clearly marked as unwanted, but editors are not required to immediately go out and change their pages, but can choose to do a focused clean up at a later point in time.

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