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I'm used to how Magnolia worked since version 2, I love its simplicity, and while I see the need for additional features taking up space in the new UI, I know the basic actions well and I don't really care about previews.

Magnolia allows me to shrink the new actions and preview views and return the interface much to how it looked before, but still capable of handling all additional functions introduced in Magnolia 5. I'm offered a neat, reduced UI sporting icons for all commonly used actions.

Description of desired behavior

The main goal of the actions view is to make all actions visible, which may be executed with or on the current selected item(s). It does makes these actions explicit and labels them. For many users, such a menu is easier to access than a right-mouse button contextual menu. It also serves touch devices well, on which using a context menu is not intuitive or even unsupported. The preview view, on the other hand, is a nice feature to quickly glance at the contents of an item, but is mainly useful for assets such as images and videos. It might not appeal to all users.

While useful, the sidebar on the right also takes up space, which may be a hassle for users working on devices with small screens. A user may thus choose to collapse the sidebar on the right (on the left on RTL setups). In this case, actions are no longer labeled but are represented by icons only. The list of actions is reduced to only show the common actions, but the minimized interface continues to work well when using a mouse or touch device. It especially appeals to trained and notebook users.

Please refer to page on Actions Sidebar

The mockup below illustrates the basic concept. Please refer to the detailed description of the Actions sidebar to see exactly how this element looks and behaves when being collapsed.

Note that the right-mouse button contextual menu may still be used and looks the same as ever - it shows smaller icons and labels for all actions.

The state of the sidebar is preserved until the current session ends, but a user may make this the default in his profile settings.

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