Our service packages are flexible and customisable, giving you the option to book in advance or on-demand as needed.

Basic services

Magnolia product support

Every Magnolia license comes with product support from the DX Core support team. Response times and scope are based on the Service-level Agreement (SLA) in place.


Support ticketing system

Our support ticketing system is powered by JIRA and available 24/7, enabling you to report product-related issues or bugs right away.


Our official documentation is open and accessible. You can read through comprehensive module descriptions, follow step-by-step guidelines and read the latest release notes.

On-demand additional services

Technical and information architecture workshop

In-depth architecture reviews at the start of your project are where integration patterns are validated, and technical requirements are defined. You will discover how to organise content and functionality in an easy to understand way, to allow for scaling as your app or website grows.


Various training and distance learning options ensure that you are ready to get the most out of Magnolia whether through our materials, your own self-study, attending an instructor-led training, or by subscribing to Magnolia Academy.


The Magnolia Certification Program recognises developers who are sufficiently skilled to set up and work on Magnolia projects. Being a certificate holder guarantees that a developer has concrete experience in Magnolia.

Guidance and assistance

We are prepared to provide guidance and assistance wherever you are in your project lifecycle, on-demand as needed. We explore your current challenges with your development team and help you devise solutions to ensure project success.

Project or code review and audit

An on-demand service where we perform a project review and code audit of your project, which may take place before or after the project lifecycle.

Dedicated assistance

In case of emergencies, additional support engineers or a solution architect may be requested.

Diagnostics services

Our performance diagnostic module provides data about your system operations, and is a valuable tool to optimise your content, cache and rendering performance.

Custom features implementation

Custom feature implementation can be requested, where we develop a specific functionality for you which is currently not part of Magnolia DX Core.


Incubator modules are extensions built by Magnolia and supported by Magnolia Professional Services. These modules were developed in close collaboration with customers, with a goal to meet requirements not covered by the core product.

If you want to learn more, or receive a copy of our brochure, talk to your Magnolia Customer Success or Technical Account Manager.

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