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  1. What happens if a definition cannot be properly converted - for example it uses a custom field?
    It seems this would be important/helpful to callout in a clear way. Maybe in comment in yaml with searchable text 'COULDNOTCONVERT' Maybe in Magnolia UI - "4 definitions could not be converted"? Maybe as an additional text file in the export? "couldnotconvert.txt"?

    1. I have tested two scenarios where a definition cannot be properly converted (there could be more tbh):

      1.- The old definition has SEVERE problem detected by the registry/Definitions app. In this case the tool will skip these definitions since there is no proper way to convert something that is not properly configured. When this happens the module will place an info message in the logs:"Definition with SEVERE problems found and won't be processed: " + ((DefinitionBean) registry).getTitle());
      2.- A custom field was used and the "converter" from the companitbility module doesnt support it. In this case a non working field is generated with the following description:
      description: No converter for old class info.magnolia.ui.form.field.definition.ConfiguredFieldDefinition.
      Its a nice idea what you suggest (summary in comments/txt file) for not converted fields but this will depend on how these exceptions are handled in the converter util (info.magnolia.ui.form.definition.DefinitionConverter) which resides outside (magnolia-ui-framework-compatibility).