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Services Incubator

Only available to Magnolia Enterprise customers.

Our standard legal agreement is friendly and includes access to the source code. All extensions are covered by this agreement. 

GPL General Public License

Incubator modules are supported by the Magnolia Professional Services team. It is crucial to be aware that incubator modules support by Magnolia Professional Services is based on best efforts only, meaning, the team is not bound to fix any bug or issue right away. Estimated time of completion could be defined but no guarantee is made.

For existing modules, please open a ticket under the appropriate project in JIRA.

Do you have a suggestion for a new project? Or just a suggestion for the product in general? Please open a ticket here.

Module Compatibility

These modules are developed and supported by Magnolia Professional Services. They have typically been developed in close collaboration with customers to meet requirements not covered by the core product. Now you can benefit from these useful features in your projects as well. However, you must assume some risk as the modules have not been through a rigid development process. 

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