Here are some of the answers to some questions we frequently get.


If you have a Magnolia partner, they should be the best person to work with. If you don't have a partner, contact your Magnolia Customer Success or Technical Account Manager.

With the current pandemic, we have suspended any engagement on-site.


First, identify the type of issue you are experiencing by going through the Identifying and requesting support page. After you've identified the issue, go to Jira and file a support ticket or send an email to

Please contact your local Magnolia Customer Success or Technical Account Manager to request support accounts.

You can find the maximum number of registered support points of contact (S-PoC) in Support services: Support channel. The maximum for SLA-0 & SLA-1 is 2 while for SLA-3 it is 4.


To access the Incubator repository, you need to make some changes to your Maven settings file. See Incubator for a sample settings file.


All of our training courses are currently held online. Please have a look at the available training courses and their schedules in our website, and sign up for the training course you are interested in directly.

With the current pandemic, we have suspended any engagement on-site.

We will assume you do not want to miss out on the training. We will also assume you will pay for the training in full. We however strongly advise against coming in and out of a training session. (for example, joining on day 1, skipping day 2, and taking part in day 3). If you do this, it will distract the class or others. Because the lessons are not repeated, it is very likely that you would miss important information and/or exercises from the previous day and would have difficulty catching up, causing delay in the planned schedule.
The maximum number of participants for a remote training is strictly limited to 6. Each extra participant will be charged per person.


If you are a Magnolia expert, you can take the Front-End Developer Certification and Associate Developer Certification exams without attending a developer training. If you would like to take our exams, you can buy an exam voucher directly from our online shop and receive your exam credentials within three business days.

An exam token is valid for two months from when it was first sent out.

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