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 How do I access the Incubator repository?

To access the Incubator repository, you need to make some changes to your Maven settings file. See Incubator for a sample settings file.


 I am interested in attending a training. How can I sign up?
First, have a look at our available training courses and their schedules. You can sign up for the training course you are interested in by filling out its form: Author and Content Editor training, Magnolia Website Developer training or Full-Stack Magnolia Developer training.
 Is it possible to organize an onsite training for my team?
Yes, definitely. Fill out the form for the training your team is interested in: Author and Content Editor training, Magnolia Website Developer training or Full-Stack Magnolia Developer training. Indicate the total number of training participants and location. Add as many details as possible in the message box. The Professional Services Manager will then reach out to you in approximately 1–3 business days.
 Does Magnolia host training events for mixed attendees from different companies?
Magnolia subsidiaries arrange a group training event every once in a while. It is, however, not a regularly scheduled event. For interest, contact us.
 I have signed up for a training but can only attend partially. Is this possible?
While we do not recommend skipping any day of the training, in the end, it is up to you. Note that you will still need to pay the training costs in full. What we strongly do not recommend is coming in and out of a training session (for example, joining on day 1, skipping day 2, and taking part in day 3). Doing this would disturb the class or other attendees. It is very likely that you would miss important information and/or exercises from the previous day and would have difficulty catching up, causing delay in the planned schedule.
 What is the maximum number of participants for an onsite training?
Since April 2019, the maximum number of participants for an onsite training is strictly limited to 6. Each extra participant will be charged per person.


 Can I get certified without attending a developer training?
If you have enough Magnolia knowledge and developer experience, you can take the Front-End Developer Certification and Associate Developer Certification exams without attending a developer training. You can purchase an exam token directly from our online shop and receive the unique token and credentials within 3 business days.
 How long is an exam token valid for?
An exam token is valid for two months from the distribution date.


 We would like to have our project reviewed by Magnolia. How can we request a project review?
If you are working with a Magnolia partner, contact them first. If you have a Magnolia Sales PoC or in touch with a Magnolia Customer Success Manager, reach out to them regarding this service request.
 Is it possible for a solution architect to provide guidance and assistance to us at our premises?
Yes, it is possible. However, our solution architects will be at your premises on a fixed and predefined number of project days only. Contact your Magnolia partner, Magnolia Sales PoC or Magnolia Customer Success Manager to find the right consulting package for you.


 I am having issues with my Magnolia project. How can I get support?
First, identify the type of issue you are currently having by going through the Identifying and requesting support page. Either create a Jira support ticket or send an email to
 We don't have support accounts yet. How can we request one?
Contact your local Magnolia Customer Success Manager to request support accounts.
 How many support accounts can we have as a customer?
The maximum number of Registered Support Points of Contact (S-PoC) can be found in Support services: Support channel. SLA-0 and SLA-1 can have a maximum of 2 accounts while SLA-3 can have a maximum of 4 accounts.
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