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  1. Does this work with 5.7? If so can you add it to the version table at the top?

    1. Yes, for 5.7 I believe you should be using 2.9-SNAPSHOT. Recently Adrien Manzoni did some updating but no official release yet. Still waiting on feedback.

  2. Any news on this ? For 5.7.6 , which exact version should we use ? We are going to start using this CTSX module very soon, so would be great to know what exact version.


    1. Still 2.9-SNAPSHOT on 5.7, better if you could upgrade to Magnolia 6.1 and use the 3.0.2 version.

  3. Thanks Teresa. Upgrading to 6.1 is not going to happen that soon, so we will need to still go for 2.9-snapshot. Btw, why still snapshot ?

  4. 2.9-SNAPSHOT is undergoing some testing, there was a change there last week, might be posible to release later this month but since is in incubator status it does not follow a tight schedule.

  5. Hi Richard Gange, above in the section "What is exported and imported" it's mentioned we can extend the supportedFieldDefinitions, like adding the support for CompositeFieldComposition. I suppose we can also add the MultiValueFieldDefinition and it will take care to automatically go through the mutil-value-fields' entries, given the fact that each sub-field will have the i18n property set to true.

    Do you confirm ?


    1. Exactly, thats how it's supposed to work. It should not matter how complex the data structure. It will still find it. 


      1. Hi Richard, just one last question: I suppose that the new Action "Add to Translation Batch" will be available to the Pages App and for our own Content Apps we just need to add it there as well. Correct ? Is there anything else specific we need to take into account to make it available for our own Content Apps and node types ?


        1. Hey-

          Yes, it's been added to the Pages add using decoration. See here. You can use those as a base for your content app. 


    2. Just to let you know these fixes were not on the Magnolia 5 branch. I back ported them today.

      I might need to move some other fixes back as well. I hope to release a 2.9.1 soon. 

      1. Thanks Richard, we will indeed soon start using it. Appreciated! (wink)

        Please keep us informed so we can have a smooth experience!

  6. Hello Richard Gange,

    Small question, I am trying to install CTSX module just for trial purposes, I am on MGNL: 5.7.6.

    So I am trying with version 2.9.1 and “magnolia-content-translation-support-ext-core” is well picked from nexus but the same version for “magnolia-content-translation-support-ext-apps” is not found.

    Is there a different version for ext-apps as I was expecting “${CTSExtendedVersion}” to be the same(2.9.1) for both maven dependencies on 5.7.*.  


    1. Hello-

      We reworked the module in version 2.9 so the apps module is not required as a separate dependency. Therefore you can remove that from the pom. Just the core module and a service module are required.


  7. If "Configuration shown in YAML but must exist as a JCR Node" why not just show it as a JCR Node then?