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This is how we translate documentation to other languages.

In-house translation

Standard process:

  1. Documentation team creates pages in the English wiki space DOCS.
  2. Translator copies the page to the foreign language space such as DOCSzh.
  3. Translator adds the page on the tracking sheet.
  4. Translator applies viewing restrictions to the page:
    • magnolia-docu-editors group
    • Translator himself/herself
  5. When translation is complete, the translator informs the documentation team, unrestricts the page, and updates the tracking sheet.

With a translation agency

Agency process when lot of text must be translated:

  1. Send the agency URL to the pages that need translating.
  2. Grant the agency permission to export the pages.
  3. Count the words on the original page. Agency charges by word count.
  4. Set a deadline for the agency.
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