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  • Prague Nov 24 2011
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What ?

We're setting up a first MUG meeting in Prague on Nov 24th. It seems like an ideal location, given that users from Berlin and Vienna were interested.

We're hoping this meeting will foster interest in the area, and perhaps help a couple of more local MUGs to sprout.


Date & time: November 24th, 2011; Let's meet around 1PM. If anyone's in the area earlier, we'll be happy to share lunch !
Location: We're using a room at Confima s.r.o., located at Magdalene Rettigová 79 / 8, 110 00 Prague 1. Using public transports: subway B, station Narodni Trida, or tram stop Lazarska (trams 3,9,14,24)

Topics and activities

Feel free to propose any topic or activity below. Presentations are welcome (modules, projects, ...) as well as ideas for workshops and discussions.

  • Introduction - who is who
  • Magnolia 4.5 - a quick overview of what's new
  • Please add your presentations and ideas here!
  • Community infrastructure - upcoming and feedback
  • Future of MUGs
  • our experience with Magnolia, further plans (ModeShape, integration modules)

Let's go for dinner and drinks afterwards !(smile)


See this forum thread for further discussions or questions:


Feel free to add your name below, just to have a rough idea of who and how many will be there. Feel free to show up even if your name isn't there of course (wink)

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  1. Could anybody recommend a accommodation in prague for the conference?

    1. Hey Frank,

      FWIW, I'll be staying here: - just found it via tripadvisor, so it's not exactly a personal recommendation, but eh ...