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What is it ?

MUG stands for Magnolia User Group. A Magnolia User Group ... can be a lot of things. In general, we'll refer to MUG when talking about a local and self-organized group of individuals who meet on a semi-regular basis to share their experience of Magnolia.

MUG meetings are organized by and for users. Meetings and membership are free. Magnolia, the company, will happily help promote or setup an event, and team members might visit the MUG meetings, depending on localization and availability. Skyping in is also always possible.


Most user groups are accronymized to xUG (JUG, ...) It's only natural ours would be called MUGs, and provides a good excuse for some fun swag.

The Amsterdam MUG used a mosquito for their logo (smile)

Why ?

A MUG meeting is a unique occasion to meet Magnolia users, peers, from different horizons, but also from a more local environment. In an informal fashion, people get to present their projects, modules, ideas, or simply discuss their experience with Magnolia. It's a also a unique chance to meet 1:1 with Magnolia team members, on occasion.

Magnolia is hoping to foster the creation of such groups, because we believe they provide value for the community as a whole. A location will ideally be provided by a MUG organizer, and Magnolia can help promoting and sponsoring the event with drinks, pizzas, as well as bring team members when possible.

Such meetings are open to all sorts of profile, are free to attend.

Content ?

A MUG meeting's content will highly depends on attendance of course. From presentations to hacking sessions, to a simple drink-and-snacks gathering.

We will hopefully provide the necessary infrastructure (website, ...) to promote future events, and provide feedback on past events (pictures, comments, as well as actual "feedback forms" to help improve future meetings)

Who ?

Anyone with a keen interest in Magnolia would be more than welcome to start a local MUG. Get in touch on the forum, and we'll help any way we can !

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