Your project contains an updated configuration, updated FTL, updated code. For the configuration we provide a Groovy file with the migration tool that will do an XML export of a module. You can then replace the bootstraps of your module with the ones that were newly exported.

Please read finalize migration to 4.5 in dev before you begin to gain a better understanding of the required steps.


Export configuration

  1. Go to Tools > Scripts.
  2. Open the file Export in /scripts/migration/from4_4To4_5/export.
  3. Configure it and adapt the path on your filesystem:
exportConfiguration = new ExportConfiguration(ctx: ctx)
exportConfiguration.exportModule(["update-training"], "path/somewhere/on/your/filesystem", null)
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  4. Enable the script and click on Run.
  5. Export the site definition manually.
  6. Go to your filesystem, open the folder containing the generated XML files and add them to your project. Replace the old bootstrap files in your project with the new generated ones.