• Create your own extra migration tasks that cover all the delta changes that the initial migration did not cover. Keep editing and running these extra tasks until you get rid of the delta.
  • Finalize the migration of the FTLs.
  • Iterate through every page on the site. One iteration covers one page:
    1. Open the page.
    2. Identify what is broken. If something needs to be changed in the - 
      • template script, change the template script.
      • configuration, update the configuration manually (.pdf) and check the result. Add a task that reflects this change in the version handler.
      • content, change the content manually and check the results. Add a task that reflects this change in the version handler.
      • Java code, update the Java code.
    3. Proceed to the next page. Keep iterating until you have gone through all the pages on the website.
    4. Check the report, it will give you some hints on what to change.

Please read work on the delta before you begin to gain a better understanding of the required steps. 

Identify delta tasks

  1. Check out STK as this will be useful. You can find it under: http://git.magnolia-cms.com/git/modules/standard-templating-kit.git Please make sure that you grab the version that matches the version defined in your pom.xml
  2. Then make a backup of the repositories, name it training_repositories_forDelta. If you don't know where to look for your repository: remember that the location of your repository is specified in your magnolia.properties file.
  3. Identify the delta tasks:
    • Iterate through the website
    • Open each page and check the log and the migration report
    • Try to find out what is not working
    • Add the extra migration tasks to your version handler when you change something in the configuration


Nothing to do.


Update /update-training-44-module/src/main/resources/update-training/templates/mainSection.ftl:

  • Areas branding, stage, section header, platform are not detected.Compare them with the main.ftl from the STK.
  • The breadcrumb tag is now located in the main area. Therefore it must be removed from the template.
  • [@cms.init /] is missing and must be added right under the <head>


OK except variation




  • Finish the migration of /update-training-44-module/src/main/resources/update-training/paragraphs/navigationList.ftl.
     JspTaglibs["cms-taglib"] and cms.editBar and cms.editBar must be removed as they are obsolete now.  mgnl.createLink must be exchanged against the new cmsfn.link function.
  • Change nodeType in updatePageNavigationList definition manually. Then create a migration task that reflects this change.
    There should not be any errors at this stage, but nothing is displayed in the 2 and 3 column components...
  • For the updateTwoColumns component, copy the task provided by the report in the version handler and adapt it.
  • For the updateThreeColumns component, there is nothing in the report. 
  • Analyze the FTL and the definition and you will realize that it is similar to the updateTwoColumns component.
  • Create the corresponding task in the version handler.

Last remaining things

Remove the DAM configuration from the site definition.

Remove the obsolete tree handler and adminCentral menu items for the update-training paragraphs (now located under templates).

Test your version handler

  1. In AdminCentral, change the version number of the update-training module to 1.1. This forces an update to your actual version. The update forces the execution of your updates. Comment any task(s) that you don't want to trigger.
  2. Restart Magnolia.

Checkout Git

Nothing works? Just checkout Git and get an updated project.

$ git checkout -t origin/Ex5-WorkingOnDelta

// or if the branches already exist locally
$ git checkout Ex5-WorkingOnDelta