Please read update repository and webapp before you begin to gain a better understanding of the required steps.


Have a partially migrated repository and webapp. Update files in the Magnolia repositories and update files in the webapp.

Update the repository

  1. Make a backup of the repository in 4.4.6. Name it training_repositories_446.

    You can take the repository coming from the Bundle. Starts the Bundle (see exercise 1), the repository will be created automatically in the folder ./Bundle/training_repositories training_repositories.

  2. Update the repository. There are a few lines to change all the  workspace.xml files in each workspace.
  3. For the update of the workspace.xml files, please use the script describe in the section 4. Update repository and webapp. Copy it under training_repositories/magnolia.
  4. From a terminal run:
$ cd training_repositories/magnolia
$ chmod 777 
$ ./ .

Update files inside the webapp

Some files have to be updated in update-training-44-webapp:

  • web.xml
  • jaas.config

Update the file

  1. Download the latest bundle, get the and check what is different.
  2. Add magnolia.migration.persistReport=true to save the logs in the web project, unless you have very big project.
  3. Additionally - but not absolutely necessary - remove the property  magnolia.update.stkMigration due to MAGNOLIA-4769 - Getting issue details... STATUS . 

Update web.xml

In the <listener> section, change the <listener-class> value to:


Update jaas.config

Copy the one from the bundle.

Checkout Git

Nothing works? Just checkout Git and get an updated project.

$ git checkout -t origin/Ex3-UpdateRepoAndWebapp

// or if the branches already exist locally
$ git checkout Ex3-UpdateRepoAndWebapp




  1. There is no in 4. Update repository and webapp. I also don't find any part about updating the repository on this page. Is this missing in the documentation or an error in this exercise?

  2. I had to add the following to in order for the migration tasks to work:

    if p.getAttribute("name") == "analyzer":