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  • Learn what has changed in Magnolia 5 and prepare for the migration.
  • Understand Magnolia 5 and the migration process.
  • Know where to find documentation and where to ask for help.

What has changed in Magnolia 5

Before you migrate to 5:


Before you start the migration tasks, do some preparation:

  • Update to the latest maintenance release in the 4.5.x branch. You are already on 4.5 so this is a standard update.
  • Clean up your project: 
    • Remove any deprecated code that is left over from 4.4.
    • Review your configuration. Use the extends mechanism where possible.
  • Release and deploy this version into your migration environment.
  • Activate everything. You should have no running workitems in the repository.
  • Create a small website that is a representative sample of all your templates as explained in 2. Prepare and analyze. Keep this repository in a safe place. The easiest way is to copy the /<CATALINA_HOME>/webapps/<contextPath>/repositories folder. You can restore the repository from the copy if the migration goes wrong.


Analyze how your project will be impacted by the changes that happened between 4.5 and 5. It is possible that you don't need to add migration tasks to your version handler react to all the changes. For example, if you didn't have a custom workflow definition before then the default 4-eye jBPM workflow that ships with Magnolia 5 will work fine.

Next step

10. Migrate from 4.5 to 5