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The migration tool will transform 80% of your configuration, content and template scripts. It will also provide a report that tells you what was done and what is left. Examine the proposed changes and use the script to finalize the transformation of your configuration. To finalize the transformation of your configuration we provide a Groovy script that will update Freemarker scripts and adds information to the report.

What the migration tool does

The migration tool is a dedicated module magnolia-4-5-migration. When you update from Magnolia 4.4.6 to Magnolia 4.5.7, you must install the migration tool and add the migration tasks to your version handler. During installation, the module will trigger the migration tasks and also installs a few Groovy scripts that will later help you migrate template scripts.

Your task is to trigger the update of template scripts. See Using the migration tool for detailed steps on how to update template scripts. If you want to know what actually happens in the migration Groovy scripts, see Migration process of module configuration and websites.

Start Magnolia CMS and run the Web update

Start Magnolia CMS. It will trigger the update of Magnolia modules and your module.

Read the report

The Reporting Service logs what happens during the migration. Go to Tools > Migration Report and generate the report.

The report tells you:

  • The progress of the migration
  • Tasks that succeeded
  • Tasks that failed
  • Incomplete tasks that require you to do something manually

Update the template scripts

Now you need to complete a manual action to migrate template scripts. This will also write Java code snippets into the report.

  1. Go to Tools > Scripts > /scripts/migration/from4_4to4_5.
  2. Edit the MigrateTemplateExecuteScripts script. See Using the migration tool for detailed instructions.
  3. Run the MigrateTemplateExecuteScripts script.


After the update tasks and the MigrateTemplateExecuteScripts  script have run, you will have:

  • Partially migrated configuration.
  • Partially migrated content.
  • Partially migrated template scripts.
  • A report that you can generate in Tools > Migration Report. The report contains information that is needed in the next step.

Next step

6. Work on the delta