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Update the production environment.

Build your webapp and replace the old in production

Follow your standard production deployment procedure. This likely involves building a webapp and replacing the current production webapp with it. If you use the recommended WAR file with multiple configurations approach, edit your accordingly.

Update the production repository with security changes

(warning) You only need to do this if you started the migration process from version 4.4. If you started from 4.5, security is already up to date.  

Update the workspace.xml files for every workspace in the magnolia repository with the security changes:

        <AccessControlProvider class="info.magnolia.cms.core.MagnoliaAccessProvider" />

Repeat the configuration for every author and public instance in production.

Starting Magnolia CMS and running the Web update

Start Magnolia CMS. It will trigger the default the migration of Magnolia modules and your own modules.

Restart the server

The config:/server node is not observed after the migration. So any changes you make to subscribers, filters etc. do not take effect unless you restart the server. Restart to ensure full functionality.

Migration completed

Well done! (big grin)