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Some interesting references for this discussion:

Vaadin client side interaction without trip to server:

Vaadin server push

Integrating Vaadin with jQuery and others:

Embedding Vaadin in Webpage:


GWTs native MVP

  • Last release August 2010

gwt-platform - GWTP
  • Last release February 2012
  • Fork of gwt-presenter with a command framework
  • Created before GWT got its own MVP framework

  • Last release February 2012

Vaadin and MVP


Vaadin 7.0

  • Major refactoring with API changes.
  • Things deprecated since version 6 goes out.
  • Component hierarchies are changing, more interfaces, enums instead of constants, containers have changes to API.
  • Will not support IE6 and IE7.
  • Adds server-side style names as-is without the component prefix to improve CSS parsing performance.
  • Window management is refactored, uri fragment handling changes. The app no longer loads then switches to the view indicated in the uri.
  • New navigation api for mapping uris to views.
  • Widgets are redesigned on client side to allow for better composition. No longer tightly couples presentation and server communication in the same class. Will happen gradually in 7.0.1, 7.0.2 etc.
Recent GWT additions

updates for IE9, HTML5, integration with GAE and Eclipse

2.2 added touch events: Touchstart, touchmove, touchend, touchcancel have been integrated into the GWT event framework (#5148)
2.2 dropped support for java 1.5

Vaadin research, prototypes and custom components for M5

You might want to have a look at the Vaadin prototypes and components that Marlon has developed last winter, specifically for the new M5. It contains a demo for server-side push and a tricky prototype showing how the page editor could be implemented using Vaadin components injected in an iFrame only. Not that we want to change our page editor for 5.0, but he had to solve a number of problems related to embedding a Vaadin app.

Updated status of Vaadin issues related to earlier M5 development:

Prototype demonstrating drag and drop to iFrame:
Prototype demonstrating drag and drop from Desktop:
Prototype demonstrating server-side push support:

Vaadin Tree component implementing hybrid selection: