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We currently use Google Spreadsheets to maintain translation strings.

Those are converted to/from .properties files using a handful of Groovy script which are currently maintained on our internal svn at

This page will need to be updated/maintained as the scripts evolve. They're currently a little outdated, and impractical (several scripts to be executed in a precise sequence to get things working)

Scripts to be executed

  1. ExportPropertiesFilesAsXls
  2. GoogleTranslateFormulaUpdate
  3. PullFromXls
  4. PushSoucrsChangesToGoogleDocs
  5. UpdateNewAutomatedTranslations
  6. GoogleTranslateFormulaUpdate
  • GoogleDocsCheckForErrors

New language

To create new languages, use ExportPropertiesFilesAsXls:

  1. edit the call to exportPropertiesFilesAsXls and pass it the appropriate locales
  2. edit simple hack if the files become too big and we need to split: not needed anymore, apparently
  3. upload the file manually to google docs
  4. execute GoogleTranslateFormulaUpdate

Update sources from changes made in Google Docs (Pull)

  1. Download xls files manually from Google Docs
  2. Edit PullFromXls:
    1. xlsFolder
    2. filesToProcess (if you only want to process a certain language)
  3. Execute PullFromXls
  4. TBD: create jira issue (should be scripted), svn commit changes, resolve jira issue
    1. See svn/internal/sys/forge-tools/newissue.groovy
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