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This is the home of the Magnolia Internationalization space.

We started a translation effort, to bring the Magnolia translations up to speed, particularly with the bunch of new modules that have been added to the Magnolia ecosystem in the recent years.

We're using Google Docs spreadsheets - one document per language, one sheet per module. Details at:

Of course, if you have already translated (parts of) Magnolia using the sources, or if you just feel more comfortable that way, patches are also welcome !


So far, a few users have volunteered for translations:

Sara Carvalho

Brazilian Portuguese

Rick Chiu


Alan Ke Sun


Zoran Balkic


Zdenek Skodik


Marcel Van Den Brink


Hermann Kurz


Christian Sommer


Maurizio Müller


Get in touch if you want to help! (even if your language is already "taken", the more the merrier!)

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  1. any chance I would join your desirable group so I can edit this page to add done&note columns to the table with appropriate records for my line?

    1. you should already be able to edit (wink)

      1. I see only Add and Tools tabs, but I could be blind already. Nevermind all I wanted to say is that the Czech translantion is done. Unused keys are marked, used keys without any value not.

  2. Where can i start start to translation magnolia to my language?