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Google Custom Search Engine Integration for Magnolia

The Google CSE Magnolia module aims to integrate Google's WebSearch API into Magnolia. It provides a tiny wrapper around Google CSE's XML based API and comes with a ready to use paragraph model class that allows you to easily expose search results retrieved from Google within your own Freemarker template.

An example paragraph, dialog and Freemarker template is included.

Some Remarks

There are several ways of integrating Google Custom Search Engines into websites, such as embedding Google snippets, using the WebSearch XML API (for enterprise accounts only) or using a RESTful API.
With the current module version we've integrated Google's WebSearch XML API into Magnolia.

Please note:

Currently, you need a Google CSE enterprise account in order to use this module. This might change in future releases of this module, once integration of the Google's RESTful API is implemented.

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