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Welcome to Magnolia Extensions

Magnolia Extensions is a new initiative for the development of Magnolia modules. Here you can find modules created by the Magnolia team that are considered experimental and/or proof-of-concept. They are not official Magnolia modules but instead side projects. The inspiration comes from client requests, demos, support, and interest from the Magnolia team.

We strongly encourage our customers to use these modules and give us feedback. However, at this time, please be aware that support is limited. The modules are not officially part of the product and so do not go through the same integration testing process. This initiative is meant to be a breeding ground for new ideas and concepts that may one day become part of the product.  

Maturation process

Regardless of where the inspiration comes from, a module begins as a project in the incubator repository. Once a module has had an appropriate amount of testing and a track record of success, then it is moved to the addons repository. From there, if the module gains traction and wide spread adoption, it can be moved into the product as an officially supported module.

In order to access the incubator and addons repositories you will need to make some changes to your settings.xml. Here is a sample settings file for EE customers.


The incubator is where new projects start. Users of modules from the incubators repositories have to assume some risk. Report issues in JIRA using the appropriate project. Each page in this documentation will list the JIRA project ID.


When modules mature, they are moved to the addons repository.

Extension types

The extensions are classified using the following types.

SolutionA piece (or pieces) for a larger system or package.
ConnectorA connection to external commercial services.
AdapterA module that allows bridging (i.e. two way communication).
ProviderAn external integration with Magnolia typically using REST API.
EnhancementA module that expands the internal functions of Magnolia.
Visual AppAn enhancement which provides an interface through the app paradigm.

Sub types

JarA JAR module installed into Magnolia.
LightAll functionality is provided by a light module.
ExternalFunctionality used with Magnolia but not built on Magnolia.


Our standard legal agreement is friendly and includes access to source code. All modules listed in this section are covered by this agreement. Magnolia Extensions are limited to EE Pro only. EE Standard users should contact our services department.

GPL General Public License


Support is limited. The best place to start is by contacting the developer of the module. Add a comment to the documentation page or open a ticket in the project.


Do you have a suggestion for a new extension? Or just a suggestion for the product in general? Please open a ticket here.

Are you looking for the official product documentation?

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