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Even though this concept is based on some working code - it is very _developer preview_ at the moment, so I would strongly recommend to keep it away from the production.

What is it all about

Magnolia CMS configuration mechanism is really cool in a sense that it is highly dynamic and customisable directly from the AdminCentral User Interface (tree view in the Config App). However, there are certain drawbacks in such an approach which were discussed quite a few times. While Concept - Autosuggest in Configuration Tree proposes to enhance the capabilities of the configuration tree with autocompletion features, the concept under consideration describes the definition editing outside of the tree by means of the auto-generated forms. Besides we will explore how to write visual configuration oriented apps on the basis of the form-generation framework.



Git:;a=summary (soon to be moved to forge).

Sample tomcat bundle:

Installation instructions

  • Not released yet, so build the jar from sources =)
  • Modify the file
    • Set two properies
      • magnolia.ui.vaadin.widgetset=info.magnolia.definitionediting.dialogeditor.ui.gwt.DialogDesignerWidgetset

Things to be done

  • Comprehensive unit testing
    • The tests existed on the early phases of the project but due to the limited time they were never matured along with the project
    • However, they are super critical cause the amount of the special cases is huge.
  • General maturing of the code base
    • A lot of refactoring done in order to shift from the ugly prototype phase
  • More cool features
    • Full text search for sub-definitions from definition editor.
  • API improvements
    • Allow for intruding into UI generation process
    • Allow for specifying the packages for Reflections library
    • Configuration of persistency
    • ...




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