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On 23.05.2018 we have had a workshop where we discussed the proposed features. Even though the general feedback was positive and none of the features was rejected, there's still a lot of work to do to take the effort to the production-grade level.

Below is the proposed mind-map with possible further steps that we could take (the source XMind file is also attached).

UI improvements.xmind

Rough effort estimation

About 300 story points

Below can be found a table with description and coarse estimates of the possible further steps (time-wise* and priority-wise**).

* (Time-wise the tasks are estimated relatively to Aleksandr Pchelintcev, i.e. if the assignee of the issue wasn't fiddling with the UI thoroughly lately, some time has to be added to get in the context.)

** (Priority-wise the tasks go from the brightest (star)... (red star)...(green star) to the coldest (blue star))

New features

NameDescription:Estimate SPDepended upon by Resurface?Delivery
(star) Cross-field interaction support

The field hierarchy is now kept in the form binders, so technically it is available while form is active and could be injectable in the validators and/or fields themselves. Need to see how to better expose such hierarchy and how to address at least some of the issues related to the topic.

User benefit:

  • See only relevant values in form fields. Make fewer mistakes and fill the form faster.
  • Populate and validate the options in one field based on what the user chooses in another field.

Timebox to 13 SP, possible followed by smaller efforts.

DEV-920 - Getting issue details... STATUS


MGNLUI-2542 - Getting issue details... STATUS

13NoBefore 6.0 because new APIs are introduced.
(red star) Rest integration

Develop an alternative to JCR for browsing and form viewing/editing. See the synergy with the REST client (or use some other approach). Goal - to have easily configurable REST browser and REST-based forms

User benefit:

  • View and manipulate data from REST sources directly in a Magnolia app. Save time and effort.
  • Easily configure apps that operate on REST sources. Avoid 4-6 weeks of Java development.
  • Faster integrations. See Light Integration Stories

MGNLUI-4439 - Getting issue details... STATUS



Validate foundation, APIs before next major.

Ship with new major of REST Client any time.

(green star) Forms with alternative layout

Ship 1-2 alternative ways to layout forms. The APIs are in place, even some implementation has started.

User benefit:

  • Usability: Set address fields visually apart from other fields. Related controls are easier to identify.
  • Make it easier for people to focus on smaller and more manageable groups.
  • Reduce visual clutter and only show relevant information.
  • Progressive disclosure: Defers advanced or rarely used features to a secondary screen, making applications easier to learn and less error-prone.

DEV-983 - Getting issue details... STATUS

8MaybeDEV-983 Before 6.0
(green star) Validation within composite fields

Re-use 'validation bubble' effort from the past, try to provide universal validation/description UI regardless of the layout.

User benefit:

  • Pinpoint which sub-field in a more complex field has invalid entry, so the user knows what to fix.

DEV-992 - Getting issue details... STATUS

8Yes, considerIdeally in 6.0
(blue star) [optional] Master-detail subapp

Test the flexibility of the new UI framework views and combine browser and detail in one subapp (should be as easy as binding the pre-created form to the current selection in e.g. tree view)

User benefit:

  • Select an item in an app and edit it immediately.
  • Make small edits quickly without having to jump from one subapp to another.
  • For example, scheduling many events. Several small edits.

DEV-991 - Getting issue details... STATUS

5Noafter 6.0, independently
(blue star) [optional] Filterable columns in Grids

The PoC solution contains column renderer which allows to filter tree grid by path. Consider productising such feature and see how would it be possible to incorporate it into configuration and implementation of the content views.

User benefit:

  • Search content by title, creation date, author, duration, rank, or any combination of properties.

  • (Find Bar does a full-text search and serves a different use case.)
  • Find items faster.
  • Configure searchable properties for an app so that they are relevant for users.

DEV-993 - Getting issue details... STATUS

8Noafter 6.0, independently

Essential features

NameDescriptionEstimate SPDepended upon by Resurface?Delivery
(star) Multi-value field UI

DEV-976 - Getting issue details... STATUS

(star) Multi-selection support in browser

ValueContext needs generalisation (to conveniently cover the single vs multi selection cases)

DEV-999 - Getting issue details... STATUS
(star) Harden DS observation mechanism

ContentChangeEvent replacement needs to be hardened: should be memory-leak safe, should be clear, corner-cases should be considered. Observation should also work for the case of the detail sub-app

DEV-1001 - Getting issue details... STATUS

13Noideally 6.0
(red star) Chooser dialog

DEV-974 - Getting issue details... STATUS

(red star) Migrate more fields

DEV-978 - Getting issue details... STATUS

(red star) Harden JCR browsing implementation

Remaining JCR data source configuration, full-text search support in lists etc.

DEV-1000 - Getting issue details... STATUS

(red star) Port form-dialog

Thanks to the view-contexts and view improvements it is probably possible to make a form dialog implementation that shares most of the code with the detail sub-app, still requires quite some work.

DEV-1006 - Getting issue details... STATUS

8Noideally in 6.0 but could be later
(green star) Port more column renderers

DEV-977 - Getting issue details... STATUS

8No6.0, grid doesn't know about the old renderers. Compatibility wrapper is an alternative.
Re-instate previews in actionbar

Re-add the feature (should be simple with ValueContext). Question the abstraction of ImageProvider.

DEV-1002 - Getting issue details... STATUS

5Nocan be after 6.0 but some work must be done before 6.0
(green star) Keyboard shortcuts in the grids and forms

Currently not ported over from the old implementation. Need to see also how to do it better.

DEV-1005 - Getting issue details... STATUS

8No6.0, otherwise keyboard shortcuts won't work. Can be timeboxed to 5 SP.
(green star) Implement Vaadin 8 - based inline row editing

Grid/TreeGrid has in-built editor API, which can play together with parts of the from framework improvements that we introduced (binders/propertysets etc). Add support for inline editing in Grid/TreeGrid

DEV-1003 - Getting issue details... STATUS

8No6.0, basic inline editing capability is required. Enhancements can come later.

Migration strategy

(blue star) App descriptor migration

Think of a strategy (special sub-app that takes an old descriptor and translates to the new or some hybrid descriptor). Consider migrating whatever is easily migrated (fields, columns etc).

DEV-989 - Getting issue details... STATUS

(blue star) Legacy action support

It seems to be fairly sufficient to expose the selection context a set of JcrNodeAdapter to make some UI actions work. See how many we can cover by this and what is needed to cover more.

DEV-990 - Getting issue details... STATUS

8Noideally 6.0
(blue star) Migrate bundled content apps to new APIs

With 6.0 we would want to ship our own apps that are already based on the new API's. Ideally we'd just migrate the configuration and deprecate the current ones.

DEV-1010 - Getting issue details... STATUS


Noideally 6.0

Configuration simplifications

Users expect simpler configuration with the new UI framework. Consider using the improvements we get from content types effort and type references. We use type references for fields today but the mechanism can be used also elsewhere.

(star) Apply the type references where possible

New UI improvements do not make the descriptors any leaner as is (in order to not make the configuration less powerful). With type references for whatever possible we could mitigate this fact.

DEV-798 - Getting issue details... STATUS

13Noafter 6.0
(blue star) Content type powered config

Requires content type solution to be available. Would be nice to shave some config parts off the detail sub-app and form dialogs.

DEV-1007 - Getting issue details... STATUS

8Noideally in 6.0 but technically can be later

Actions DEV-959 - Getting issue details... STATUS

(blue star) Re-start async action effort

Use Java 8 instead of Quartz. Try to ship the asynchronous-ness as a trait/mix-in of an action, not as some base abstract class

User benefit:

  • Asynchronous actions may improve the perceived performance of the UI. Actions don't hang the UI.
  • Triggering actions from a REST endpoint, without having to click the UI.
  • Knowing when a command is done. Today, you execute a command and it doesn't come back and tell you when done.

DEV-816 - Getting issue details... STATUS

21NoCan be done after 6.0, should probably postpone.


(blue star) UI tests

See if it would be possible to re-use the UI tests for our own apps when they are ported to the new framework. Port the UI tests so they work with the newly migrated apps.

DEV-1009 - Getting issue details... STATUS

21Yes, possibly. Resurface may introduce style name changes that break the UI tests.6.0 if we migrate all our own apps to the UI framework by release date
(blue star) UI push support

Finally incorporate Vaadin's push support. Replace poll with push.

User benefits:

  • Snappier UI, better perceived performance
  • UI reflects the current state on the server.

DEV-797 - Getting issue details... STATUS

8NoCan be done after 6.0
Unknown unknowables

There are probably bugs in the new UI implementation, maybe there will be potential blockers even. I can't estimate that, but I'd add at least 2.5-3 weeks for that on top of the total estimate.

21Yes, Resurface may cause bugs6.0


  1. Couple of columns I'd like to add:

    • Needed for Resurface. Which of these items are necessary for Resurface?
    • Needs a major release. What must be done before 6.0 and what can be delivered in maintenance releases?
    • Value to users. I (Antti Hietala) can contribute this if you explain to me what some of the more technical items such as Push mean. Basically priority from PXM viewpoint.
  2. Could we perhaps update mind map above to cross all that is done already? Or provide another one that would give quick overview of status quo. Thx.

  3. good idea, will do, thanks for suggestion