Module magnolia-migration-tests now provides a tool for comparing the configuration with another instance.

This is useful for estimating the amount of work the migration will take, finding potential problems, etc. Module can be used on Magnolia 4.4.x and 4.5.x versions.


This module is mostly intended for improving the migration module code and for internal testing, therefore we don't release stable versions of the module.
However, the snapshot versions can still be used.

Simply put dependency to magnolia-migration-tests to your webapp's pom.




Navigate to Tools -> Diff Tool  page. On this page you can choose the folder in your config you want to compare,

and setup credentials to access the other instance (the same Magnolia webapp without custom modules).


The password is sent insecurely, so testing only on trusted networks is recommended.

Generated diff report generates human-readable export which shows inserted, deleted or changed lines.

Example of generated report (click for larger):

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