Here are the simple steps to setup a Magnolia development environment with Eclipse:


  • Install JDK 1.5 or higher (and set JAVA_HOME)
  • Install Eclipse 3.4 Ganymede (or any other Eclipse package with WTP)
  • Download Magnolia Bundle

Install Magnolia

  • unzip magnolia-bundle

Configure Eclipse

  • Start Eclipse
  • Define JDK (not JRE) with VM Argument -Xmx256M or more
  • Define Server Runtime (Apache tomcat 5.5, you can use the tomcat from the magnolia-bundle)
  • Create new Dynamic Web Project "myProject"
  • Delete all files in "WebContent" (of "myProject")
  • Copy all files of Tomcat magnoliaAuthor webapp to "WebContent"
  • Run as - Run on server
  • Ready
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