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Welcome to the Magnolia roadmap. On the Trello board you can see what we are working on and what is coming up next.

  • Now: items we are currently working on or have specified.
  • Next: items we have decided to do but have not yet started.
  • Later: items we are aware of but have not committed to doing.

Click the cards to learn more about any item.

The colored labels are themes that focus on solving particular problems such as "Edit semi-structured content easily".

Domains of strength

We focus on six main domains in which we want Magnolia to be strong. Future releases will always include features or improvements of at least one domain.

  1. Integration and interoperability: Magnolia's strength is extensibility and its adaptability. We keep improving this domain.
  2. Usability: Ensure that Magnolia is a joy to use and remove pain points.
  3. Ease of development: Focus on lowering the entry barrier to make Magnolia easier to use for authors, admins and developers.
  4. High performance: Make sure Magnolia performs well when scaled up with author instance clustering, clouds or CDNs.
  5. Front end and publishing : Make it easier for front-end developers to integrate their work into Magnolia.
  6. Business: Business needs advanced functionality such as personalization, multivariate testing and reporting.

Past releases

Release notes for past releases are available on the documentation site.

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  1. State of "tagging" and "autocomplete"?

    There are several pages within the Magnolia wiki dealing with the tagging of content (e.g. this roadmap) and about autocomplete/autosuggestion features. Are there any news about these subjects? Who would be the right person to address for further questions? There used to be a tag cloud module made by openmindlab for the 4.5 version of Magnolia - which is currently still used by some of our customers. This module had a quite useful autocomplete input field - working in some kind of Facebook style for autosuggestions. As we foresee the need for such a tag cloud module in the near future we would even consider the possibility of developing one ourselves. But could you tell us how far your developments have already reached? So - for instance - is there an autocomplete field for Magnolia? Thx in advance.

    1. Hi Hans-Peter,

      State of "tagging" and "autocomplete"?

      State of autocomplete is concept-and-prototype: Concept - Autosuggest in Configuration Tree. This is back-end (AdminCentral) autocompletion.

      State of tagging (with autocompletion) is not-yet-started. It's on the roadmap so we will do it.

      is there an autocomplete field for Magnolia?

      Not out of the box today. Some options:

      • OpenMind Tagcloud module for Magnolia 4.5. Not available for Magnolia 5 afaik. Provides AdminCentral-side autocompletion.
      • Autocompleting search terms is one of the many wiki pages that discusses how to do it on the front-end with JavaScript/AJAX.

      The tagging improvements on the roadmap are aimed at authors who work in the Magnolia back end (AdminCentral). When you manage a large number of items you need better ways to apply categories (tags, labels). Today, applying tags takes too many clicks. We see developing a better categories field that autocompletes (suggests) as you type. Reply here if you have ideas how this should work.

      we foresee the need for such a tag cloud module

      The category cloud components are still available. They ship with the Categorization module. There is no autocompletion but if you need to display categories (tags) to visitors as links in a cloud, have a look.

  2. Regarding "Linking Content Items together", Richard Unger investigated in great detail problems and potential solutions regarding ContentViews and Chooser Dialogs. Any chance to get this on to the near future road map? Thanks!

  3. I've created the following page with questions on architecture roadmap: Architecture Roadmap

    Feedback would be highly appreciated!