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The main reasons for removing the system-wide lock are

  • Performance of concurrent editing in Magnolia is highly affected by the global synchronization on ExclusiveWrite, especially due to the usage in SaveHandlerImpl.
  • Synchronization should be done on a repository level, not at instance level. This will allow us to cluster author instances too, as we plan to do in Magnolia 5.x
 Those issues were already raised in MAGNOLIA-3905 where a discussion about the implications of such removal was started.

Notes from 18.10.2012 meeting

  • Removal of the global synchronization is simple
    • but we have to handle if we have exceptions
      • saving content --> notification
      • versioning / activation --> system have to handle it
      • util to force saving
      • start to use JCR locking
  • We need to start to use locking --> cluster
    • since JackRabbit 2.3 one can get the lock token
    • making author clustered
    •  flat or deep? deep has no filtering by type
      • how to lock the page (and content) but not subpages? 



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  1. Unrelated - but might help solving some of the issues with conflicts/exceptions - are we looking into an auto-save feature as well? (such that a dialog's edited content would not be lost in case of crash, timed out session, … and conflict with another user's save)