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Current input

There are cases need to resolve:

  1. General link field: property = cafe-babe-cafee-babeee or property = /path/to/node
    • (warning) Problem: missing the workspace
    • (tick) Ideas: 
      • 1st step: This can change! We can suggest a new convention
        • jcr:tours:cafe-babe-cafee-babeee
        • {resolverType}:{workspace}:{uuid}
        • textImage00
          • text= prop
          • image =
          • source = jcr (String)
          • workspace = images (String)
          • uuid = cafe-babe (WeakReference)
      • 2nd step: update linkField to use new convention (or customize reference type)
        • or ideally to reference a resolver in registry
  2. Asset link field: jcr:cafe-babe-cafee-babee or jcr:path/to/asset
    • (warning) Problem: Generate link with several renditions
  3. Multi link field: property = [cafe-babe-cafee-babee, aaa-bbbb-ccc-ddd] or property = [/path/to/node1, path/to/node2]
    • (warning) Problem: missing the workspace

Expect output

  • Input: Node
    • linkedProperty = “jcr:cafe-babe-cafee-babeee"
  • ReferenceResolverDefinition
  • Output:
    • Node
      • linkedProperty (ReadOnlyNode)
        • Asset
          • name = cafe.jpg
          • path= /cafe.jpg
          • binary
          • mgnl:primaryType = mgnl:asset

package info.magnolia.reference;

import java.util.Optional;

interface ReferenceResolver<T, R> {
    Optional<R> resolve(T input);
 * Sample implementation using a fixed target workspace (logical name).
class FixedWorkspaceNodeReferenceResolver implements ReferenceResolver<String, Node> {
    private final String workspace;
    private final Provider<Context> contextProvider;

    public FixedWorkspaceNodeReferenceResolver(String workspace, Provider<Context> contextProvider) {
        this.workspace = workspace;
        this.contextProvider = contextProvider;

    public Optional<Node> resolve(String uuid) {
        try {
            Session session = contextProvider.get().getJCRSession(workspace);
            return Optional.of(session.getNodeByIdentifier(uuid));
        } catch (RepositoryException e) {
            return Optional.empty();

	// Get/set workspace


Architecture discussion output

  • Presented skeleton ReferenceResolver interface
    • is pretty much an empty shell;
    • can be implemented to resolve arbitrary items (e.g. NodeAsset), by arbitrary strategies (e.g. by uuid, by path)
  • Agreed this is core functionality
  • We first make it a standalone module
    • —for the lack of probation period to gain confidence with it, we want to have opportunity to make fast changes/releases if needed
    • repo in PLATFORM project
    • info.magnolia.core:magnolia-reference:1.0-SNAPSHOT
    • due to move back to the main reactor, eventually.
  • Module provides a Registry of resolvers
    • Resolver selection yet to be specified
  • New convention for a default (config-less) resolver to be determined, can be done later
    • would then be used for LinkFields by default
  • Philip: which component is responsible for generating the reference format?
    • good remark, if not necessarily the role of the resolver, this seems to belong in this module.

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