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Implemented in 4.2

Official Documentation Available

This topic is now covered in Node builder API.

We've had the need several times for a simple node building api - especially in version handlers - to construct relatively simple nodes (couple of nodes, couple of properties) without having to maintain complex bootstrap or properties file, and verbose/long code. I'd like to propose a simple DSL/API similar to the one used to build tasks and deltas for this.

Additional notes:

  • this should be useable in the context of "for each" tasks
  • debuggability/self-descriptiveness
    Readability (structure of code ~= structure of nodes)
    Readability (names and intentions are clear)
    Writability (must be error-safe)
    ide-friendly (indentation)
    Useable in the context of "for each" kind of update tasks
    Debuggability (i.e self-descriptive, code should be followable with a debugger, or we should be able to generate/dump a description, ...)
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