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url to see repository:


to setup repository locally:

npm install --registry=


log into it:

(will ask for username, password, email)

npm login --registry=


publish module:

(inside module folder, where package.json in located)

(version in package.json has to be changed for every new publishing)

npm publish --registry=

npm install:

(for CLI tool please read file for next installation steps -

npm --registry= install @magnolia/cli -g 


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  1. Unknown User (matthias müller)

    Are you sure the URLs are valid? cannot be resolved.

    1. https?

      anyhow first link on this page (below title) works for me...

      1. Unknown User (matthias müller)

        Yes, tried it via https as well, but i think it's the subdomain itself, which cannot be resolved. Have you tried to access it from an "external" internet connection?

        1. oh sorry I didn't figure out before you are "external" (smile) Yes so far this is only internal npm repository where you need to be logged in. But that just temporary, stay tuned for changes soon (smile)