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It is possible to publish packages to the public npm repository, but have them within a certain "scope", which is basically the user or organization. It's a way of namespacing code.

A benefit is that developers know that things in the magnolia scope are from magnolia. Scopes are indicated with '@', so its @magnolia.


Created a user "magnolia". visible at

Credentials are temporarily at User Accounts on 3rd party systems

What we need to do.

We do not need need an organization to start with. Organizations cost 14$/month. Organizations allow one to create and manage teams/roles/access.

The simplest way to get the @magnolia scope is simply

  • to create a user at with the username magnolia.
  • An email address must be suplied and it will be public.
    • (Probably we should create email address like - or perhaps we have some email address that we already use for this.)
  • A user can be later upgraded to an organization.
  • To publish a public scoped package, 
    • give the package a name with a scope "@magnolia/mycoolpackage". 
    • publish with "npm publish --access=public"


To create an organization right off the bat:

  • Register a user on (not with the magnolia name.) (free)
  • Once registered, Create an organization "magnolia" 14$/month.
  • The registered user becomes the "super-admin" for the organization. 
    • Currently, the super-admin user cannot be changed.
    • Additional admins, teams, and users can be added to the organization.


Relevant information:

Scoped packages


Organizations are first and foremost a way to manage access, roles and resposibilities.

Scope a package to your organization

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