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Implemented in 4.2 Data 1.4

Official Documentation Available

This topic is now covered in Hierarchical types/data.

Conference call of 30.July.2009

Decisions taken:

  • Berts module will be used and merged into the data module
  • no extra main menu points
    • the node type hierarchy is directly defined in the node type definition tree
  • root path: only the top most type can have a root path defined
  • new item: in the case that multiple types can be added a selection dialog similar to the one use for adding paragraphs is used.
    • context menu: items can only be grayed out but not hidden, we won't change that now
  • complex strucutes: not yet supported, the already existing multiple references field can be used

Schedule (only vaguely defined)

  • start can maybe start end of August
  • a release could be targeted in September
  • would be 1.4 version together with versioning and workflow integration

First prototyping by Jan

This page is about the possible extension to data module that is in no way finalized nor supported at the moment. Use at your own risk.

This extension allows for creation and maintenance of multiple different types under the same hierarchy in Data Module as well as using any of the types as a parent/child for any other type existing in same hierarchy.

Current version of the Data module with the extension to support multiple mixed type hierarchies is in the sandbox at
The sandbox branch of code is a replacement for Data Module version 1.3.x, is such it works against Magnolia 4.1.x.

=== Installation

  • install the module build from the sandbox (just replace your current m-m-data-1.3.jar with the snapshot you build)
  • create two different types (let's call them typeA and typeB) and use the same rootFolder (say /mytypes) for them
  • logout/login to get the submenu entries displayed.
  • go to config:/modules/data/trees/typeA and add configurationClass nodeData and set it to
  • go to config:/modules/data/dialogs/typeA and change value of class to
  • go to data:typeA and if you click on NewItem the selection dialog will popup letting you choose from either typeA item or typeB ... click on desired type, click OK and continue as usual. you should be able to nest the entries as well (e.g. have typeA entry with a child entry of typeB and so on)

=== The changes in classes:

  • (new)
  • (new)
  • (modified)
    ... you see there wasn't much work necessary to get this started ... there might be more work involved to smooth out all the rough edges

=== What could/should be improved:

  • the configuration class should be added to the tree automatically, some for the dialog (might need to add another checkbox to the type creation dialog. Something like "allow multiple types" or similar.
  • possibility to define some constrains (like the pot entry could be only typeA and typeB or typeC can have as a parent only typeA, or typeA can't have any other type as a parent, etc.
  • the trees again, since you can use the data:typeA to edit all types that share given rootPath, there is really no need for another tree for just data:typeB
  • surely you can think of some more (big grin)

Discussion with Bert Leunis his prototype

Jan Haderka and Bert Leunis had a deeper email discussion about the topic. I attached the summarizing email by Bert as a PDF document (contains screen shots)

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