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Related TasksDAM APP TasksCMIS TasksUI Content App
  • Define DAM API
  • Review DAM module implementation
    • Split the DAM module into sub module
    • Propagate the DAM API Changes in DAM Module
  • Create a new CMIS client module
    • CMIS Client API
    • CMIS Client App
  • Define an agnostic Content view
    architecture & base implementation
  • Propagate the DAM API Changes in 
    STK Model & Templates
  • CMIS Client module has to implement and register a
    CMIS Asset provider
  • Review the Imaging module

  • Review the DAM APP choose dialog implementation
    in order to create a aggregated view based on
    registered providers
  • Implement a CMIS client app
    • Content app configuration
    • ChooseDialog Configuration
  • Review the Link API
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