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This is a work document to help identifying common patterns in i18n keys, with the aim of rationalizing the set of generated keys.

Dynamic parts vs. static (keywords) parts

Primary vs. secondary

Respect JCR path vs. parent keys?
DefinitionMetadata#getName vs. DefinitionMetadata#getRelativePath

Identify parts to assemble:

  • root-definition, pick from module, deftype, relative path, and name
    • 8 potential keys
      • name
  • "internal path"
    • form.tabs.tabMain.fields.firstName.validators
  • suffix
    • bean property name
    • one overrules them all?

Rationalize number of keys

  • Deprecate/suppress .label-suffixed keys?
  • Keep extremes or most differentiated?

  • Super specific vs. super short

  • module based vs. deftype based

Root definitions vs. unrooted definitions

  • TemplateDefinition, DialogDefinition
  • vs. TabDefinition, ActionbarSectionDefinition
  • Reusable definitions within different roots

Specialization & Pluralization

content-app.browser.actionbar.default = {0,choice,1#Item|1< Items} = {0,choice,1#Fruit|1< Fruits}

TranslationService vs. SimpleTranslator vs. MessageFormat

Provide the most generic level

  • email validator has no default translation

  • No labels