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1. Usage of MessageFormat in i18n translations is inconsistent (as of 5.5.0)
2. Developers cannot figure when to use MessageFormat syntax, and when not to 

  • Translations fetched "fluently" from definitions are not message-formatted.
  • Translations fetched explicitly via SimpleTranslator / i18n#translate are processed by MessageFormat.
    • Few of these translations mandate argument formatting or pluralization
    • Many of these translations are still expected to be plain text
  • Should developers face escaping of single quotes (as double-single quotes)?
  • Should developers draw special attention to angle-brackets?
    • MessageFormat vs. our alleged HTML sanitation
    • Currently angle brackets need an extra space not to be considered as HTML tags
    • Alleviated by browser concatenating white-space, but the extra-space remains irrelevant.
      • should translations be re-used in system messages, logs, or native apps to name a few
    • To be further elaborated upon



General idea: Make it explicit which keys go into MessageFormat, and which don't.

  • (tick) Prefix/suffix for keys
    • = @MessageFormat {0} élément(s) supprimés.
  • Wrap value into e.g. braces?
    • = ``{0} élément(s) supprimés.``
  • Prefix value with annotation?
    • = @MessageFormat {0} élément(s) supprimés.
  • (tick) Work on SimpleTranslator side
    • request
      • => look up for
      • => fall back on
    • No impact on Java code, invocations of SimpleTranslator, i18n#translate
    • Can spare message-formatting "plain" values
    • One more lookup
      • (warning) otoh lookup might be suboptimal atm
      •  triggering refresh? see MAGNOLIA-6725 - Getting issue details... STATUS  — treated as a separate issue
  • (tick) MessageFormat must be used consistently, i.e. leaving escaping of single-quotes to developer/translator
    • Roman: we tried to doubled the quotes in the code before formatting and failed (because there is too many use cases)
  • (warning) Not upgrade-friendly, but the sooner the better
    • devs' existing keys (unsuffixed) using MessageFormat would stop working
    • A. 5.5 is young enough to go for big fat release notes
    • B. we could detect presence of MessageFormat syntax and dump some (read lots of) deprecation warnings
    • C. still use MessageFormat for "plain" keys, along with a deprecation warning
      • tentatively avoiding detection—could be applied only when arguments are passed along
  • (tick) Meanwhile, we double the single-quotes in our own formatted translations anyway


See also

SUPPORT-5445 - Getting issue details... STATUS

MGNLUI-3701 - Getting issue details... STATUS

LANG-42 - Getting issue details... STATUS

MGNLUI-3746 - Getting issue details... STATUS

—should we really "swallow" MessageFormat exceptions?
indeed, users shouldn't face formatting exceptions; it's enough for them to see the message is visually borked;
but we probably want to digest it on a higher level, rather than inflicting our util upon all usages?

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