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  • Sometimes rebasing doesn't work / stops in the middle
    • How to do it in multiple steps?
      1. Run a normal rebase to get e.g. most up-to-date master
      2. Reorder commits
      3. Squash some commits
  • What is rebase ?
    • Rebase VS. Interactive rebase (--interactive or -i)
    • Rebase
      • is by default against tracking branch
      • Rebasing means:
        • 1. Rewind to last known common reference (e.g. in master) 
        • 2. Fast-forward to latest current (local) master
        • 3. REAPPLY your branch's commits ON TOP of master
      • e.g. from dev branch, git rebase master
    • Interactive rebase
      • Just using the rebase command to REWRITE your past 5 commits
        • or just to reword another local commit back in the history
      • e.g. git rebase -i HEAD~5
      • is very handy for non-shared branches, as a normal rebase won't do anything 
      • needs guide for git interactive rebase
        • e.g. reword doesn't happen in the interactive editor
        • first choose your commands (pick, edit, reword, squash)
          • deleting a line drops this commit, changes will not be reapplied!
        • then save & quit the editor
          • goes to next editor for rewording
          • (or back to edit position in the history)
  • git commit --amend
    • same as git commit, except that it appends changes to the last commit!
  • Workflow to keep dev branch in sync with master
    • Merge master into dev regularly (don't rebase to avoid spoiling history)
    • There are merge commits in your dev branch
    • Then when you want to merge back:
      1. pull latest master or .x you want to rebase your branch on top of
      2. rebase
      3. merge into master --ff-only
      • note that merge commits that were on your branch are magically gone on master!
  • git pull = git fetch + merge
    • git fetch: gets all new commit refs from origin (new tags, newly shared branches, new commits) 
    • git pull --rebase = git fetch + rebase
  • people not using console
    • how to configure the editor of your choice
    • e.g. export EDITOR=vi
    • or in .gitconfig
    • when using IDE plugins, it's not always obvious what is really going on
  • bugfix on branch, merge back into both master + .x branch ?
    • cherry-pick is safest option
      • we can cherry-pick multiple commit refs
    • if bugfix was derived from master, merging to 4.5.x branch will never happen smoothly 
      • it might try to reapply anything back to common ancestor of 4.5.x and master!
    • squash first
  • is it too late if a commit is already pushed?
    • yes.
  • also just to amend message of already pushed commit?
    • yes.
  • videos?
  • Show the files involved in one commit
    • git show <commitref> --name-status
      • where <commitref> can be
        • HEAD (last commit)
        • HEAD^ (commit before last)
        • HEAD~2 (two commits before HEAD)
        • cafebab (one specific commit hash as visible in git log) 
    • adds a list of added (A) modified (M) and deleted (D) file names in that commit
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