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Draft for independent module

A set of modules to help with managing and rendering events and calendars in Magnolia. For now this page is just an unordered collection of thoughts. Please share yours.


A fairly common requests in projects is to display events and calendars in a website. And another related issue is to "manage" those.

It is in part covered by the "event" template in the STK, but this is far from a complete solution. Others will resort to including a Google Calendar snippet, but that isn't necessarily the most flexible and good looking solution either.

Some of the questions that are raised around this topic:

  • How to add/register events ?
  • How to display a calendar with certain events
  • How to share calendars and events ? (between departments, for example)
  • How to reference events in pages, …
  • Workflow for events ? (someone must approve them - and perhaps not only their publication on the website, but their physical existence as well?)
  • ...

Implementation ideas

Rough list of ideas:

  • See a prototype Magnolia International built for a prospect and - a very basic stk page component that displays a calendar from a Google Calendar url, or a Kerio/ics URL. Will extract it soon (on the forge or the sandbox)
  • provide support for storing events in the repository (data or specific workspace)
    • hierarchically - folders per department ?
    • with basic info, and image(s), and categories, and url (or in-Magnolia page link)
  • but also provide support for events in other systems
    • CalDAV server (Kerio is one), serving .ics files - iCal
    • Google Calendar
    • Bedeworks
    • in this case, that means that workflow for approving events, sharing, etc is relegated to other system
  • … and retro-fit with STK's basic mechanism - where an "event" can be a page of its own (specific template, and page properties that define the event)
  • basic module should expose API, submodules implement it (one for in-repo, one for caldav/ics, one for google calendar, etc)
  • similar to DAM, users should be able to select events or calendars from multiple sources
    • perhaps (depending on source?), what the user select is a "calendar", or a "category of events", and/or a date range, …
  • a calendar page template should be provide to display calendars
    • use fullCalendar.js to render calendars. Works very nicely, easy to customize and style.
    • provide several views: full calendar (the fullCalendar lib itself can be configured for day, week, month views, and agenda views very similar to iCal), small calendar widget (similar to what we have in STK?), list view
    • clicking an event could mean: go to event's "page", or open event details in a lightbox type of view, …
    • choose date range to display, categories, ...
  • an event page, similar to STK's, should exist but only reference an event - by using the "dam-like" control mentioned above to reference an event. Further page components are added to the page to describe the event, or write a news article about the event, etc.
  • if events stored in repo (perhaps not only?) events can also back-reference their pages ? I.e an event page should be able to link to other pages that reference the same event.
  • If events stored outside the repo
    • cache .ics files
    • a generic proxy servlet might be useful (seem to have seen one somewhere before), where we could perhaps use the cache module to cache a URL's content … not sure about using cache because perhaps we want expiry dates on a per url basis ? Either way would require Cache configuration Improvements to be able to cache items in its own custom cache.
    • mirror (reference, pointer to original source) events in repository ? this might allow to add features that the external system wouldn't have ? (such as uuid-links to magnolia pages?) … and perhaps would alleviate the need for a dam-like control, since all events would thus be in the same repo…
  • Generate ics (and other formats?) files for events and calendars - in some case could proxy, or redirect, to the real url if it exists, or we could regenerate (and cache) the file in Magnolia.
  • Of course handle microformats as well !



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Found 10 search result(s) for events.

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