The situation

Problem is finally gone with 7u65 and 8u11 or higher! 


When installing Magnolia on some OS / Java / Servlet Container combinations you might run into problems (e.g. MAGNOLIA-5520 - Getting issue details... STATUS  and  SUPPORT-1865 - Getting issue details... STATUS ).

Typcial symptoms:

Caution: the first two (by far more frequent) are not visible in any console or log!




OS XMagnoliaWhoLost network connectionsCrashProblematic frameJava frames


1.7.0_10tomcat 6?4.5.4 eeAndreasmostlysometimes
C  [libnet.dylib+0x715e]  NET_Timeout+0x35a;[BIII)I+0SUPPORT-1865 




1.7.0_11-b21tomcat 610. ceRichmostlymostlyC  [libjava.dylib+0x9367];[BIII)I+0  



1.7.0_45-b18tomcat 610.  C  [libjava.dylib+0x9a2b];[BIII)I+0upon installation hs_err_pid_tc6_mgnl5.2.1-SNAPSHOTce.log
1.7.0_45b18tomcat 610. ce + eeWillmostlymostlyC  [libjava.dylib+0x9a20];[BIII)I+0upon installation 



1.7.0_11-b21tomcat 710.8.55.2 CETobiasmostlyrarely

C 0x000000053f9d6dbe;[BIII)I+0  



1.8.0-ea-b118tomcat 710.85.2 CEDanielmostlysometimes

V  [libjvm.dylib+0x2f6d59]  jni_SetByteArrayRegion+0x7c


C  [libnet.dylib+0x8eb5]  Java_java_net_SocketInputStream_socketRead0+0x243;[BIII)I+0upon startupthe problem remains with Java 8!



1.7.0_45b18JBoss AS CEDanielmostlynone yet     
1.7.0_45b18jetty 910.85.2 CEDanielnono     
1.7.0_45b18tomcat 8.0.0-rc510.85.2 CEDanielnono     


From what we know right now (see scenarios above) we think those crashes are:

  • related to Tomcat version 6 & 7 - doesn't happen with Jetty 9
  • shows on JBoss AS 7.1.1 as well (bases on Tomcat 7.0.13)
  • not related to a specific JRE 7 or 8 version (from 1.7.0_10 to latest 1.7.0_45 - even 1.8.0-ea-b118 had it)
  • not related to a specific Magnolia version (we have reports from various 4.5 versions as well as 5.x - both ce and ee)
  • not related to (had been one of the suspicions)
  • more likely to appear when starting up instance right after installation (waiting few mins seems to sometimes "cure" the problem)

Additional information

Possibly related issues

openjdk 7u21JDK-8024045same Java frame in error log:;[BIII)I+0
openjdk 7u40JDK-8028313same Java frame in error log:;[BIII)I+0
Lucene/Solrsolr-core test failure on OSXsame Java frame in error log:;[BIII)I+0
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  1. This question on Stackoverflow matches what we see for dropped connections, it also links to a bug in OpenJDK that is fixed and targeted for 7u60.

  2. I have just tested on the latest early access build, 7u60_ea_build_3, and I have no dropped connections.

    The latest build can be downloaded here

    I can't find a release date for u60 but u55 is scheduled for 2014-04-14 and u65 is scheduled for 2014-07-14.

    Still need to confirm if this build still suffers from the crashes we're seeing.

    1. Hi Tobias

      I did a quick test with u51 and the u60-ea. I also get no dropped connections anymore with u60 but it eventually crashes as well. Using Magnolia CE 4.5.12 bundled webapp:

      BTW: Did anyone try to figure out if the problem can be tracked down to a single library Magnolia uses? I'm asking because Will figured out that the problem does not occur when using the "empty webapp" only ( MAGNOLIA-5520 - Getting issue details... STATUS ).

      1. Sad, apparently there's still bugs in there they haven't found. The only clue I have right now is this comment on JDK-8024045 "This issue appears to be related to native memory corruption, most likely due to a MAC libC runtime bug." There used to be an issue that I suspected was the cause where OS X would return UTF-8 encoded error strings that crashed the VM when it tried to create exception messages not expecting it to be UTF-8, but that's been fixed now too.

  3. Hi Andreas,

    up to know we thought the crashes are a potential consequence of the dropped connections. We never had combination of OS + server where we got crashed but no dropped connection.

    So thx for sharing your results - looks like we have to investigate again. In case you have further hints how to provoke the crashes it'd be great if you can share...



  4. This finally means we Mac users can work with Java 1.7 and Magnolia? No more VMs around to run Magnolia? This is a great day for the Magnolia community (wink)