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Implemented in 4.4

Shop module integrates a product catalog and shopping cart functionality.

Official Documentation Available

This topic is now covered in Shop module.


The company Fastforward provided a web shop implementation for Magnolia 3.6.x version and they contributed with it to our forge.

This web shop provides product and product category management and a shopping cart integration together with the check out procedure.


  • Upgrade the web shop for being used with newest versions of Magnolia and the STK.
  • Use multistep forms.
  • Make it easy to create new shops, and have several shops on the same site.


  • hierarchical data of module Data: is not allowed to have folders in hierarchical types. (i.e. we want to structure the shop products in folders).
  • There is no Content2Bean in Magnolia for storing the carts.


  • For the first problem, the solution has been to put the shop configuration into a hierarchical structure where you keep the basic configuration together with price, currency and tax categories. Products, product categories and carts are flat data types, this way products can be structured into folders.
  • Dependency on ocm module.


You need to get the ocm and shop modules from Magnolia forge or nexus. Other dependencies are:

  • Data module 1.6.0/*
  • Standard Templating Kit 1.4.2/* (incl. demo project and pop theme!)
  • Form module 1.3/*
    Installation is straight forward, once installed you will see a 'shops management' menu item and if you have installed the samples you will also see a menu item 'sampleShop'.
    To create a new shop you just click on 'shops management' new item and on save, you will get a basic folder structure for all the shop elements. And a new menu item for the new shop.

Once you have your shop data you can use it in your website using the predefined paragraphs and templates.
The shop entry point is a template with the name 'shop home' there you define the name of the shop you would like to use.

See the sample given in sampleshop.

It has its own css file into the pop theme.

Next steps.

  • add more junit tests.
  • Test multiple shops.
  • Improve dialogs.
  • improve styles.
  • Bean2Content.
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