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Implemented in 3.6


This page contains a summary of what does this module and modifystream module do. This module would be used to shorten the images urls in img tags.


  • provide a module to rewrite the response from the server
  • provide a specific use using this module: shorten the urls
  • make the changes persistent on server restart


  • need of module-modifystream for module-shorturl to work
  • filter must be behind the gzip filter so we can read the response before is gzipped. 

Current state

Modules are now available for magnolia ee

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  1. Thanks for this page. May I suggest that whenever we describe a module, class or method, we start with explaining the intention said module, class or method? Why would we want to shorten a URL, what is the use-case for this module?

    1. The intention of the short url module is to shorten urls which might be to long otherwise (wink) URLs should not be longer than 256 characters if you want to be on the safe side. If you have parameters in the url you might extend that. We wrote the module for a very specific usecase: image generation by passing parameters.

      We have put that code in a separate module and use it as a particular example for the url rewriting facility you have in the modify-in-stream module.