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Implemented in 3.7


Official Documentation Available

This topic is now covered in Multiselect control.


This page contains a summary of what would be needed to implement multi-value properties. See MAGNOLIA-2363@jira outstanding for this module is edition in the tree, feature not planned at the moment. Included sample in sample module


Our aim is to implement jcr multi-value properties, this properties will be stored like in the following code:

<sv:property sv:name="tags" sv:type="String">

that will allow us to make queries of the type: select * from nt:base where contains(tags, "news"); without having to emulate this behavior using a content node. At the moment we have at least two ways of doing this:

  • create a new node type in the case of data workspace. (cannot be used in the other workspaces)
  • create a content node with several properties (checkboxes)

The new implementation means that for creating/modifying a multi-valued property you will need to use the DialogMultiSelect/MultiValueSaveHandler combination. This new implementation of multi-value property will be available in addition to the current implementations.

Problem: On first approach this property won't be editable from the tree it could just be viewed.


  • support jcr multi-value property type

related issues:,,

BK: based on - can you elaborate what we do with this contribution?


We could implement option 1 or 2: 

  1. for multi-value support:
    need to add extra property definition in Magnolia custom datatypes like in nt:unstructured to support multivalue.
    problem: we can have two properties same name but one single valued and the other multiple valued
    • need a set/get values for Value[], means we need to modify NodeData interface, setString/setBoolean... can't be used, how will we create such property on the treeview/jcr browser.
    • modify content and subclasses, new create methods.
    • need custom save handler, modify import/ export? data.
    • modify get/set values in dialogcontrolimpl and controlimpl, small problem: keep behavior for checkboxes
    • gui, first approach whitespace separated list of values
    • it seems this is a more complicated task than we thought and I might be missing things as I'm not aware of how everything works yet, but this won't affect the current behavior.

  2. use same mechanism as data module ( that would mean to create a new data type to support this kind of properties just like in the project mentioned.
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