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Draft for ?

Proposal for a tool in AdminCentral providing an all-in-one zip file for reporting issues.

  • we've been discussing a couple of times the possibility to have a "tools" in the Magnolia ui that would prepare a package (zip file) containing all the info we typically need for support issues (logs, config files, config workspace, system information).
  • provide a one-file to upload with support requests which is generated by a "tools" in Magnolia ui and contain all necessary info in a package/zip file that we typically need for support issues
    • export of config workspace
    • repo config files
    • modules
    • logs
    • Operating System
    • Application Server, JVM startup parameters
    • Java version
    • Database Version, driver, remote or local, bundled?
    • Jackrabbit version, config files
    • Magnolia version, stand alone? which modules
    • full web-inf folder (listing, md5's)

Also interesting to note for inspiration:

  • In Jira, at startup, detailed system info (properties, db config, ...) are outputted to logs
  • In Confluence: the error 500 page contains (a lot of!) system info (props, plugins, ...)

See Troubleshooting
See MAGNOLIA-1958@jira