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Implemented in 4.3

Major steps already implemented. For planned improvements see (MAGNOLIA-3015@jira) which is split into several subtasks.

Official Documentation Available

This topic is now covered in API Javadoc.

A raw list of the things which could be (sometimes largely) improved in our current api:

  • exception handling: inconsistent (MAGNOLIA-2746@jira) and to be reviewed
  • naming and semantics; examples:
    • Content.createNodeData() in fact does not necessarily create the property, but might overwrite it if it exists.
    • Content.setNodeData() does of course the (wrong) opposite: creates the property if it does not exist.
    • Given the above, NodeDataUtil.getOrCreate() and associated methods are useless.
  • package; extract Visitor and Filter (MAGNOLIA-2422@jira)
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