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Implemented in 4.0

Commenting module (built on Forum module) provides the commenting feature on any page.

Official Documentation Available

This topic is now covered in Commenting module.


This page contains summary of finding and ideas identified while looking at implementation of commenting features for Magnolia based pages.


  • Summarize all required features.
  • Outline implementation
  • Implement and deliver first version

Required Features

  • provide commenting facility for easy commenting on all pages published with magnolia
  • commenting is anonymous and doesn't require login
  • commenting form contains following fields:
    • Topic/Title
    • Comment
    • Author
    • E-mail
    • website
  • provide list of top X pages with latest comments
  • provide facility to delete offending comments by forum manager
  • provide facility to lock the comments to prevent further addition of comments to given page

    Features possibly delivered in future versions:

  • chaptcha
  • provide facility for viewers of the site to mark comment as offending
  • provide facility to automatically lock the comments X days in the future since publishing the article
  • provide link from the comment thread back to page to which comments are related

Mockup of the commenting can be found at

Technical Implementation

Commenting can be based on current Forum Module with slight modifications.

  • There will be one PageComments forum, created upon installation of Commenting module and each page that was commented upon will have a separate thread in this forum.
  • To enable commenting on page, author of the page can add PageComments paragraph to the page. Alternatively, such paragraph can be included in the page template to enable commenting on all pages using given template.
  • When there is no comment on given page yet, the comment thread for this page will be created when adding first comment on the page.
  • The thread title will be the title of the page to allow administrator easy way to identify to which page the thread belongs.
  • form for adding the comment will be part of the PageComments paragraph rather then separate paragraph.
  • Since Commenting is a special use case of Forum, all Comments management will be done via Forum management for now.

What Next

  • see how much has commenting in common with original intent of forum module. If possible identify and extract common parent module for both Forum and Commenting.
  • test commenting with JCR clustering on JR 1.5
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