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Implemented in 4.x

Implementation tracked in MGNLBLOG@jira.


Implement a collection of page and component templates that enable blogging with Magnolia CMS. Blog functionality is often asked for on RFP's. While we don't see Magnolia CMS as a blogging platform per se, the infrastructure we provide out of the box should make it almost trivial to provide blog functionality that to some extend might even exceed some of the existing options. It could also be useful for our own bloggers, or used as a system to provide blog space for the community once we have a proper forge.


Map between typical blog functionality and Magnolia CMS features.

Blog functionality

Magnolia CMS feature

Create a blog entry

Standard page creation

Edit a blog entry

Standard content editing

List of recent blog posts

STK teaser list


Commenting module

List of latest comments

latestComments component

RSS feed

RSS Aggregator module

Post archive

Paginated list of blog entries

Social bookmarking

showTextFeatures option in the intro area




Categorization module


STK search

Security, administration & all the other goodies

Standard Magnolia functionality

Missing functionality


Trackback and ping

Out of scope for first version


Blog module for Magnolia 4.4 exists. Nexus: magnolia-module-blog.

Next steps

  1. Migration the Blog module to Magnolia 4.5
  2. Document a tutorial (Antti) that shows how to create your own blog.

To be decided

  • Should the blog module be part of standard STK or its own module?


  1. Currently the blog is a module that depends on stk, I would like to keep it this way as it would use its own site configuration and probably its own theme

  2. Is all of this implemented already? Can we move the concept to correct location if done or change the title and content to outline what needs to be done and what is already done in Blog module?