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Implemented in 4.3

Feature is summarized in MGNLETK-10@jira

Official Documentation Available

This topic is now covered in Multisite.


Currently there are 2 solutions. Each of them with bunch of another related problems. We might have to decide to move forward stepwise and have URL shortening working only on public instance for 4.3 where it would not be so critical to make view in AC right based on which site is used to access the AC.

VirtualHM MGNLETK-12@jira

configured via ETKWorkspaceAccessUtil

  • solves:
    • url shortening
    • hiding of content while accessing via site domain
  • solution introduces issues:
    • home page is not visible/editable when accessing AC via domain
    • default mapping for "/" redirects to AC instead of home page
    • various STK components (navigation, site logo, ...) are affected since they expect level==1 at root level
    • Template availability doesn't work since it expects level==1 for home
    • make default VirtualURIMapping site aware
  • possible next steps:
    • adapt tree to be able to show root level (partially done)
    • adapt level dependent STK components (make the root level configurable or make them more flexible by other means)
    • make default VirtualURIMapping site aware

URI2Repo mapping MGNLETK-13@jira

configured via ETKURI2RepositoryManager

  • solves:
    • url shortening
  • solution introduces issues:
    • access to AC domains doesn't work
      • links from the website tree (AC) are not shortened therefore mapping applied while opening the page results in 404
      • all the content is visible in the tree, not only the content related to given site/domain
    • default mapping for "/" redirects to AC instead of home page
  • possible next steps:
    • check existence of content in the mapping and fallback to remove the prefix if added twice
      • solves the issue with not shortened links from AC, and also the default mapping due to fallback as long as site doesn't contain page named same as a root page
    • make default VirtualURIMapping site aware

** installation task to replace default URI2Repo mapping w/ the extended one is missing

Sample configuration

  • currently in magnolia-demo-project (in the etk-only config part)
    • demo-en-uk (used when accessing site with local-uk domain name)
    • demo-en-us (used when accessing site with local-us domain name)
  • the URI2Repo mapping needs to be configured manually right now
  • domains have to be mapped in /etc/hosts
  • Tomcat should be configured (TODO: link to Tomcat docu), but simple demo running locally works even w/o that
  • the UK/US demo are configured to serve content from under /uk resp /us paths in the website. US demo is also configured to serve resources from /us sub-path in the resources workspace. This content/resources are not part of the demo project, so create the appropriate folders and copy the demo-project into it
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