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We are currently using CKEditor version 3.6 and the latest released is 4.0. Current version of CKEditor wrapper for Vaadin is also bundled with CKEditor 4.0. Wrapper is compatible with Vaadin 6.x but is patched by us to support Vaadin 7.0. However this custom patch will be abandoned when the add-on author will provide vanilla support for Vaadin 7.0.

When official Vaadin 7.0 support for CKEditor wrapper for Vaadin gets published it will bring CKEditor 4.0 to us. To react on this change we should proactively integrate CKEditor 4.0 now to minimize the migration work in the future.

Steps to be done

  • Get latest version of CKEditor wrapper for Vaadin (currently 1.7.3) and drop it on top of old installation.
  • Re-apply V7 patch to wrapper.
  • Verify that the rich text editor component still works.

Known changes

  • CKEditor have new theme
  • CKEditor supports for inline editing
    • This has for time being no effect on us.


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